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Supply Management Institute, Taiwan – SMIT (formerly Chinese Association of Purchasing Management – CAPM) was established in November 1992, with the key objectives of promoting the professionalism of purchasing management, experience exchanging of purchasing practices, assisting in establishing the standard operations procedures for public/private sectors and fostering academic research within global purchasing/supply disciplines.
It becomes an essential requirement with the professional purchasing capability as the core competence for any enterprises.  From its establishment, SMIT has trained more than 5,000 purchasing and supply management professionals in Taiwan.  Also, SMIT has became an “Allied Associate” member of ISM since 1993.

  • Providing the purchasing/supply management training courses.
  • Participating international purchasing conferences and seminars.
  • Editing and publishing purchasing/supply management textbooks and periodicals.
  • Assistance in establishing a standard operational procedure for public/private sectors.
  • Facilitating the talent management and its development.
  • Offering professional certification program.


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